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Introducing the founder of Muted Voice....


Natalie White was born to a nomadic family in 1975 and spent her formative years in transit on the hippy trail before returning to the UK in the late 1970's. She found the clarinet at the age of 13 and so began a love affaire with both the instrument and performing life as a classical musician. At the age of 16 Natalie gained a place at the prestigious Chethams School of Music Manchester, going on to study at the RCM with Colin Bradbury (BBC Symphony Orchestra) where she won the Bernard Walton prize for clarinet and the Roger Whittaker prize for chamber music.

The past 25 years in the music industry have taken Natalie on numerous musical adventures. She has been a founder member of the Aurora wind Quintet and Nimbus Ensemble, performing chamber concerts around the UK, France Italy and South East Asia. In 2005 Natalie took to the high seas, performing as an onboard classical musician for SAGA as well as developing her own solo cabaret show which she hopes to perform in the future . She also regularly performed concerts in care homes and hospitals for Council for Music in Hospitals, work that has inspired her to found Muted Voice and launch her own community music vision. A passionate teacher and workshop leader Natalie enjoys communicating her love of the clarinet to students of all ages, and will be launching childrens music workshops in Sussex in 2021.

Natalie lives by the sea with her twin daughters, and two cats Luna and Koko. She is a passionate dancer in her spare time, enjoying the creative adventure of Zouk and Blues dance. 

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