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A Buskers dream and relaunch....!

After two years of what has felt like artistic suspension Muted Voice is ready for relaunch. I am so excited to start putting action to my dreams, and create some beautiful opportunities to make a creative impact on my community. Summer holidays now over, kids back at school, its time to get to work!

The last year has seen me take to the streets of Sussex with my clarinet and an amp and perform a wide range of music on street corners. Busking life has been an incredible experience for me and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every second of it. I have met so many wonderful people, hopefully raised spirits and smiles along the way. I have loved the direct contact with my "audience", the conversations, encouragement and positive feedback. I have grown as a person and a player and have fully embodied my life purpose here in many ways. I am blown away by peoples generosity and I want to thank everyone who gave donations and lovely words of appreciation. To all the homeless people who gave me so much support and friendship, I salute you all. Your stories have inspired me beyond words...For all the children who danced/sang and boogied past the music, I hope that you were a little bit inspired to maybe one day find your instrument and embark on the remarkable journey of being a wandering musician...

As winter approaches and I start to develop more indoor performances with Muted Voice, I will miss my street corners and life as a busker, but cannot wait for next season and a chance to develop my act further with more music and maybe a loop pedal or this space...

Onwards we go. Into creation.....

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