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In every child is an artist....

One of my deepest musings at the moment has been how I would want,( in an ideal world), to bring the deep joy of creativity through music and movement to children. Its striking me quite hard that creativity has been placed low on the list of UK priorities during this 'crisis', with a ban on singing, dancing, and very little music it seems going on in schools right now. I feel very sad that so many children are missing out of the soul expansion and pure delight to be found in making music, dancing and performing LIVE...not on some internet platform...but LIVE, connected with applause, adrenaline and the intoxication of performance. I make a point of encouraging my girls to pick up instruments, dance around the living room like a dervish, or make up song...Its encouraging that they are now singing in their class as they rehearse the nativity songs, to be shared online of course, no live audience allowed....but still, time is ticking , and with no end in sight for the Tier systems, masks and general confusion, I fear for our young as creativity is knocked out of their reach.

Thinking back to my youth however, I also feel a sense of musical lack in my early years, with no real musical structure in my primary schools, and very limited opportunities to play instruments. Singing was relegated to the once yearly school musical. .I do remember wanting passionately to learn the clarinet aged 8 in my school, only to not be 'picked' to be one of the lucky few to join the group weekly lesson. I remember looking longingly at my best friends clarinet case as she skipped to clarinet class and then turning my heart towards other things...for a while, until the urge hit me at 13 to ask to learn clarinet and a wonderful teacher taking me under his wing (thank you Stuart Spires) and letting my dreams soar....So maybe, nothing much has changed. Maybe.....

But here I am, 30 years on, champing at the bit to start making a difference. Venues lined up now for 2021 to start classes, and my mind going overtime dreaming up workshops and class ideas....In spite of all the Corona confusion, I am going to keep visualizing my desire to get Muted Voice up and running in 2021, somehow...there are ALWAYS for now, back to planning I go, watch this space for class details when confirmed!

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