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Racing rats seek technocrats but who hears natures lofty call?

As we move onwards towards what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the dawn of (what I fear will be) extreme technocratic domination of all areas of our lives, I find myself looking backwards over my life to date. I can feel the realness of growing up in the 70's and 80's slip through my fingers, a timeless part of my life which had a perceived naive quality to it, a simplicity that was both beguiling and reassuring. It was a time of imagination, books dominating my world, with very occasional screen time thrown in alongside the crackling ZX Spectrum computer that was brought out once in a blue moon. I lived in my books, reinventing myself over and over again as a member of the Famous Five, Swallows and Amazons or Little Women. Words danced for me, the smell of the books around me an intrinsic part of my DNA, shaping me gently in their embrace. And now, when my daughters pick up a book, I feel a flash of joy and hope that they will know the magic of all the stories that shaped my early life. That they will find solace in the written word, the rush of joy upon opening an unread book, the slowing of time as the story unfolds.

I watch helplessly as technology strives to dominate the lives of my children. The cry of the cellphone, that seeks to imprison each child in an endless drivel of prancing TIKTOK mannequins, violent computer games or films...I shake my head in disbelief at what is pumped out in the name of 'entertainment', as enlightened I am to discover that the origins of the word comes from Middle French enretenir-meaning hold together. What exactly is being held together here I of a fragmented soul maybe? A soul stripped from source at birth and plunged into a corporate life, lost in a sea of admiralty I digress, I shall blog about Common Law at a later stage! Lets get back to natures law.

Nature never lies. Its laws seek to empower us as beings, bring us back to who we really are. Back to source. Right now many human beings are going through what feels like a very alchemical period of growth. A time where we are being called to return, to a place where we can live by the laws that were meant for us rather than the ones created from man. Because , as I am beginning to learn, ANY LAW created by man seems to be nefarious. Because mans laws are created to keep us slaves. Not set us free. And to live as a slave means we can never be in our natural most glorious state. I really feel that NO person has the right to hold authority over another human being. We must develop authority over ourselves, our thoughts and emotions, our actions.

I have to admit that ever since I left my city life for the beauties of life by the sea in Sussex, I have started to bring my fragments together. Parts of me have started to resonate in a different way as I run wild and free by the ocean every day, or walk the hills and beaches with my children after school, sucking in the wind and delighting in the space. Sometimes, after a long run, I walk straight into the sea in all my running gear, and let it wash away the last of the city memories. I have come home, safe in natures embrace.....

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